660 Seahawk – Boat Test

Bigger and more powerful

Stessl has upsized their Platerix2 hulls and now offers a 6.6m and a 7.3m version. The Stessl Seahawk is a big, beamy, front cabin plate aluminium boat with a hard top. Powered by Yamaha’s 250HP DES 4-stroke, we took it for a burn off the Gold Coast.

The Stessl Seahawk builds on it’s predecessor’s proven pedigree by providing even more cabin and deck space in a boat that’s been engineered to take you further – safer! With an improved Platetrix hull design, more deadrise and massive fuel capacity, the Seahawk provides a softer, more comfortable ride to get you to where the fish are. The true half cabin design provides full 6ft bunks for a contented nights rest, all while still providing acres of deck space for fighting that fish of a lifetime or just purely entertaining.

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