The Animal 7

The Stessl 730 Coastrunner is a big, strong plate alloy trailer boat with an excellent fishing layout and a centre cabin configuration for shelter and storage.

Locally made on the Gold Coast, the Stessl 730 Coastrunner is the flagship of the Stessl boat range, and one of five Coastrunner centre cabin models. Paired with a Helm Master EX-equipped 300hp Yamaha four-stroke outboard engine, the Stessl 730 Coastrunner is an impressive bluewater fishing boat.

For decades, Stessl Boats has been a leading Aussie manufacturer of pressed and plate alloy boats. This innovative boat maker has introduced a range of clever features over the years, including the Edge Tracker V-nose boat, Trak Rail pressed alloy hull bottom, and various different alloy powered catamarans and trihulls.

There are no multihulls in the current Stessl Boat range, but there are dozens of great pressed and plate alloy monohulls from the diminutive 3.0-metre Vagabond car topper through to the 7.3-metre plate alloy Seahawk half-cabin and Coastrunner centre cab.

The latter is the model that’s the subject of this review. We tested the big Stessl 730 Coastrunner courtesy of Stessl Boats.

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